Monday, 30 May 2011

5 More Days to Count!

So far so good! Well, not denying the busiest days either. The Sabah Mega Carnival will be started on 4th of June. Yup! On Saturday peepz~

Just as a reminder:

  1. The Netball competition is started on 4th of June
  2. Opening ceremony of Sabah Mega Carnival also hold on 4th of June, around 8 p.m forward.
  3. Yes, the ceremony is filled with Hitz FM concert, bring up Mizz Nina, Pop Shuvit, Joe Flizzow, Altimet & many more!
  4. For those who interested to win the photography competition, don't forget to register on 4th of June.
  5. And many more activities!
Don't forget to come yah!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Programs During the Sabah Mega Carnival

You can click on the following photo for further information about the Sabah Mega Carnival:

Volunteers are Needed!!! A.S.A.P~ *Update*

OK guys, now we're looking for those who are interested to be a volunteer for Sabah Mega Carnival. Our group has decided to pay volunteer crews during the carnival, which actually will be an enjoy volunteering job! Can you imagine that you can meet Mizz Nina, Pop Shuvit, Altimet & Dj Cza? OMG!

For those out there who interested to be the volunteers, you can read the following  details:
  1. You'll be paid RM 30 per day
  2. The foods and drinks for the whole day are free (provided by the organizer)
  3. Get a free T-Shirt of Sabah Mega Carnival
  4. Working time starts on 8.30 a.m - 11.30 p.m (during the carnival) 
  5. The volunteering work will be started on 29th of May until 12th of June (please be informed)
  6. Crews divide to many departments and of course, enjoy!

So to all cool dudes and pretty girls out there, support our carnival because this one will hit the Sabah's calendar as one of the main event in every year.

p/s: If anyone of you are interested, you can call 088 - 439577 or 430577, ext. to Miss Aiza, Miss Sika or Miss Munirah. :)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Biggest Carnival in KK is Coming This June!

Hey peepz! We're from SR Events, would like to invite you guys to Sabah Mega Carnival on 4th - 11th of June 2011! This carnival is sponsored by Sazarice Sdn. Bhd. and this is the first time this carnival being held in Kota Kinabalu, and of course first time in Sabah too!

Famous celebrities in the town!!! Lets rock~
 There will be lots and lots of fun! The programs will be organized at Likas Sport Complex. Let's check the following programs that will be held during the Sabah Mega Carnival:

  • 3 biggest concerts: (4th June 2011) Mizz Nina & Friends, (8th June 2011) Artis Titian Mesra & (11th June 2011) Artis Era FM

  • Battle of the Band (Rock and Rice)
  • Karaoke Suara Emas Sazarice
  • Ujibakat TV & Radio
  • Netball and Futsal competition
  • Pertandingan Kebudayaan & Ochestra
  • Modern Dance competition
  • Big Bikers show & Autoshow
  •  Photography competition
  • Mini waterpark
  • Celebrity cooking demostration
  • AND the most beautiful and latest technology 106 firework from USA!!! 

The promotion is widely spread on Hitz KK, Era KK, RTM, Sabah FM! Thanks a lot for the main sponsors  especially to Sazarice Sdn. Bhd, Smart G and Grand Borneo Hotel! Not forget to the co-sponsors, thank you so much!

Sabah Mega Carnival